A Global Management & Leadership Consulting Group for ISKCON

Our mission is to inspire, assist and support ISKCON leaders globally, providing functional expertise and management consulting to ensure the continuation and growth of ISKCON.

Our Inspiration: The life and teachings of ISKCON Founder-Acharya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Why Work With Us...

We are committed to working with ISKCON leaders in a fully confidential, objective, and transparent manner while challenging boundaries and old thinking.

“As each and every ISKCON Center is my life and soul for preaching this movement, I hope you are doing your best to conduct the regular routine duties of the Temple.“

Srila Prabhupada

Letter to Damodara -- Los Angeles 4 May, 1970

Faster Expansion

Our devotee consultants can work with leaders to Plan, Improve, Grow & Sustain their temples, farm projects, etc. by applying practical frameworks and tools. 

Digital Governance

Devotee system experts can assist project leaders to Plan, Research, Design, Test & Implement technological platforms, databases, and application interfaces.

Training & Development

Our experienced consultants can build capabilities within current and future ISKCON leaders by providing transformational education via 1-on-1 coaching and online training.

Informed Decisions

Our consultants can provide strategic insights, feedback and provide expertise to facilitate an informed decision for your projects. 

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Management Consulting

Plan, grow and sustain your ISKCON center. 

  • Financial Management & Fund Raising

  • Development and facilities management

  • Temple & Operations Management

  • Customer Services, Communications

  • Marketing & Social Media presence

  • Devotee Care

  • Farming Communities

  • Outreach, Book Distribution & Festivals


Online Systems & Digital Platform

Get the support you need to build your digital infrastructure, and stay updated with the latest technologies.

  • Enabling systems, database & application interfaces for effective operations

  • Planning, research, design, implementation, hosting and support for your digital needs

  • Websites and social media platforms

  • Integrated Global Leadership System

  • Technology infrastructure & connectivity



Training & Development

Get your temple administration to learn the latest trends and strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

  • 1-on-1 expert coaching

  • Online training

  • Succession & Capacity Planning

  • Key role recruitment

  • Performance Management


Strategic Insights, Innovation & Best Practices

Connect with our top qualified consultants in an advisory capacity to provide strategic insights for your unique needs. Get access to resources that empower and enable leaders and their teams in making insightful and informed decisions. 

  • Management best practices, tools & frameworks 

  • Market intelligence & Strategic insights

  • Research & Development resources for every stage of planning

  • Understand leading innovations and trends

  • Global Performance Indicators


Inception Roadmap

A trusted pool of devotee professionals to support ISKCON Leaders via proven systematic methods.


BCG Board

Management Team

Our vision is to be the key and trusted enabling partner supporting ISKCON Leaders ensuring ISKCON continues and grows. 

Adi Kurma Das

Founding Member (Toronto, Canada)

Adi-Kurma Das, is an Indian born Canadian devotee based in Toronto, Canada. He has been practicing Krishna Consciousness since 1986. Initiated in ISKCON in 1996 and second initiated in 1997. Served as Temple leader, Youth leader, Pujari, and Sunday School teacher. Notable services being coordinating Srila Prabhupada Centennial Celebration in Toronto, Youth and college preaching, Congregational preaching, Sunday school teaching and organizing, and serving at the GBC Strategic Planning team.

He is a Commercial banking professional with over 25 years of industry experience. He holds an MBA degree from Alfred Ford School of Management, Radhadesh, Belgium. He is also a social entrepreneur and provides pro bono strategic planning and business consulting services to small and medium size businesses. He volunteers with various not for profit organizations and sits on the Board of Directors at the Belgium Canada Business Chamber and Ayurvedic Association of Canada.

Rasakrida Parayana Das

Founding Member (Muscat, Oman)

Rasa Krida Parayana Dasa connected with ISKCON in 1986 in Vrindavan, and was initiated by HH Jayapataka Swami in 1993. On the order of his Guru, he developed Shyamadesh Yatra in the Persian Gulf region from 1995. He has been an active congregational leader and preacher for 30+ years, involved in various initiatives to expand Nama Hatta preaching programs. Since June 2009, he has served the GBC Strategic Planning Team, the GBC Organizational Development Committe and Chaired the Succesion Planning Committee (SPT).

He currently oversees New Rajapur Yatra & the School of Vedic Studies. Special areas of interest include systematic presentation of Krishna Conscious philosophy, congregational development and succession planning.

Professionally, he heads a business conglomerate in the Persian Gulf as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). He is a top management expert from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (USA) with 30+ years of industry wide experience. His work involves developing, executing & sustaining corporate strategic initiatives, with a core focus on turnaround strategies. He holds a PGD in Sales & Marketing management besides other professional certifications in the area of strategic planning.

Sakshi Gopal Das

Founding Member (Mayapur, West Bengal)

Sakshi Gopala dasa, is a disciple of HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami. He's been serving at various ISKCON centers and departments in South Africa since 1995. He's served at Phoenix, Pretoria, Midrand, BCEC & BBT Africa. He is currently serving in Mayapur, assisting with creating/supporting software applications and training the youth on software development. His aim is to help temples to automate and streamline their administration & communication.

He's a Software Engineer with 25+ years of experience, focusing on real-time mobile/web applications, data analytics, AI & IoT, in order to automate processes and enhance strategic decision making within organizations. 

Smara-hari Das

Founding Member (Durban, South Africa)

Smara-hari dasa, joined ISKCON in South Africa in 1977 and since then attended regular Namahatta programs under the expert guidance of H.H. Partha Sarathi Das Goswami. Since 2010 he is planning and rolling out major festivals at ISKCONs temple in Durban. He also served ISKCON BBTI Global Executive Management as Special Projects manager in 2016-17. Since February 2016, he is a member of the Strategic Planning Support Team, a unit under the GBC Strategic Planning Team.

He is currently the Director for Devotee Care in SA. With a Masters' Degree in Engineering he has over 20 years’ experience in technology management, change management and the development and implementation of strategies.

Subhananda Das

Founding Member (Durban, South Africa)

Subhananda dasa, a disciple of HH Partha Sarathi Das Goswami, joined ISKCON in 1993 via the Bhakti Yoga Society at University, after having first developed an appreciation of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings in 1988. He has served as a member of the GBC Strategic Planning Team (SPT) and GBC Organizational Development Committee since 2012. He is the convener of the Bhaktivedanta Consulting Group (BCG). He has served as a member of the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple Management Board (Durban, SA), and a director of Food for Life South Africa.

In the secular world he has experience obtained as an Engineer, Strategist, Management Consultant, Banker and Senior Executive spanning a spectrum of industries, in part, assisting companies to stabilize, improve and grow their businesses to meet their vision. He is a postgraduate in the field of Engineering, Construction IT and Strategy Management.  

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